• Casper Yeow

Never too late Part 1: Think you're too old to start again?

It's so very easy, especially for those of us approaching or are beyond middle-age, to fall into the trap of at thinking that time has passed you by and to give up on your dreams and aspirations. I'm about to hit fifty, and sometimes, when I'm not mindful, I go there. Whenever my brain wanders down this slippery path to anxiety and worry, I think of the many accounts throughout history of men and women who have conquered late starts (or restarts), attaining 'world-beater' status at ages where many feel that they are 'over the hill' and fast approaching the bottom on its wrong side. Here are a couple of the most notable ones.

  • The late Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for his role in trying to free his South Africa from an oppressive apartheid regime. By the time he was released, he was 72 years old, but that didn't stop him. He became the first black president of South Africa four years later and the recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.

  • Colonel Saunders knocked on doors to promote his chicken recipe and was rejected 1009 times before someone took a chance on him. He did all this after 'retiring' at age 65 and became a multi-billionaire at 88 years of age.

For those of us who have had setbacks, be it in finances, marriage, health or whatever, Kyle Maynard, a best-selling author and the first quadruple amputee to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro without the aid of prosthetics, has a saying - "Not dead, can't quit!" So, stick a mirror under your nose. If it fogs up, congratulations! You're alive! Carry on!

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